Thursday, December 29, 2011


Our 20 week ultrasound brought excellent news that the baby is healthy and growing right on track.  And although we were hoping for a little boy this time around, we got the wonderful news that Anna is going to have a little sister!

Eric wasn't sure if he wanted to know the baby's sex or not.  For months I have been bothering him for an answer:  do you want to find out if it's a boy or girl?  He'd reply that he had mixed feelings.  He still didn't know on the drive to the doctor's office.  Still didn't know when we went into the ultrasound room.  They did an internal ultrasound (big shock!  They never did one with Anna and I totally wasn't expecting it.  Good thing I had somewhat attempted to shave my legs, although I haven't done due diligence with my upper legs in months).  Then they did the regular ultrasound and took pictures of what they needed.  All parts necessary were there and she was all stretched out with her legs out straight and her arms up by her head.  Just like how I sleep.  Finally the technician turns to us and asks, do you want to know?  Eric looks at me and asks what I think.  I told him it was his decision and that he knew that I wanted to know.  But it was his decision completely and he was going to be the one to say yes or no.  He finally shrugged and said, go ahead and find out.  I still think that he had mixed feelings about it and it stems from not wanting to be disappointed that this was another girl. 

The technician said, it looks like your daughter is going to be a big sister.  I cried a little, not only because I was holding on to a little hope that this was a boy, but because it is an emotional moment where your entire expectation about what this little one was going to be changes.  I quickly got excited about another girl, and Eric handled it very well.  I think he is still disappointed and desperately wants to pass along his last name and heritage to a son, but he already loves this little girl as much as I do.

We told family immediately.  Some were obviously hoping it was a boy, too, but all were excited.  I can't wait to meet her!  I know that she will be close with her big sister, Anna, and that they will have the type of relationship I had with my two younger sisters.  I am also very practically happy that we can re-use all of the girly clothes and toys.

Weight gain:  20 pounds (already!)
Current cravings:  Still craving anything and everything.  Been eating a lot of Christmas cookies lately...
Size of baby:  As long as a carrot.  U/S tech didn't give us an actual size but she is measuring exactly on track for my due date.
Current mood:  Pretty good.  I wake up at night often but I fall right back to sleep.  My energy levels continue to be high.

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