Sunday, July 14, 2013


We took the girls fishing one nice Sunday afternoon.  It has been either raining or cloudy with a chance of rain for weeks on end, so this summer has allowed for a few moments of "play."  We went up to my parent's pond, which is secluded up in a field at the top of their farm.  The pond has bass in it, some large and a lot of them small.
Anna caught a fish or two.  See the little one she caught?
She was dressed in bib overalls like her daddy, so the pictures were super cute.  I pretty much took pictures the whole time.

Clara also observed all of the action.  And snacked.  Snacks are an essential item in her diaper bag.
Anna had a play fishing pole that she ran around with when she didn't have the patience to sit still.

My favorite picture was of them sitting together just quietly waiting for a bite.  Timeless. 

What a wonderful life!

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