Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sea Bands and Cartoons

Still nauseous.  And although I've only gotten physically sick 1 1/2 times (yes, I only gagged and couldn't get anything up but I'm still counting it as at least a half of a barf) I feel like I'm going to need to run to the toilet almost all day.  The only thing that helps is to eat.  I can't drink a lot of fluids at once or my stomach starts to bubble up.

I am not a big believer in homeopathic types of things.  Like accupuncture or herbs or incense or anything.  But I thought it couldn't hurt to try something (anything!) to get rid of the constant nausea.  So I bought some sea bands.  They claim that by putting pressure on a certain point on your wrist it prevents morning sickness and motion sickness.  I read the instructions but I still have no idea where the point is and it doesn't seem to be helping.  Oh well.

The only blessing right now is that Anna isn't full on walking yet and seems pretty content to watch "toons" with me on the couch.  I feel really bad that I'm pushing the tv on my growing toddler but at this point it is such a relief! 

New words said by our sweet little peanut:  "thank you." what does a donkey say?  "hee haw."  what does a chick a dee say?  "dee dee dee."  "shoe."  "puppy." Add these to knowing what a cow, sheep, horse, and owl say (among a few other animal sounds I'm not remembering right now), and "uh oh," "mommy," "daddy," "sadie," "pee uuuu," "ukk", "apple," "banana," and a few more random words.  I love how theres a new word each day just waiting for her (and I) to discover.

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