Friday, September 23, 2011

Sick and Tired

So I love that I am pregnant but I am not loving first trimester blahs.  I feel nauseous all day and the only thing that settles my stomach is to eat.  But I remember how much I gained in the first tri with Anna so I'm trying to keep that in check.  Yesterday was a bad day, though, and I swear I ate all day:  two pancakes, a cookie, a handful of cheese curds, left over stew from the night before, a brownie, salad, bowl of soup, more cheese curds, Arby's roast beef sandwich, a value-size jamocha shake, cookies.  Sounds really yucky right? 

Over the past weekend I had some light spotting.  I never had anything like this with my first pregnancy so I got really upset and nervous!  Yes, I had been pretty active that week getting ready for Visit the Farm Day, which is an event we have been planning at work for over 5 months, but I couldn't really remember over-doing it.  I called the doctor right away and they told me to rest and not work at the event.  So I was crushed!  I knew they needed my help and I didn't really want to just sit at home and think about what could be happening to the baby.  So I decided to go anyway.  And I was good; really took it easy and tried not to do any major walking/lifting.  When I got home I rested for a good two days.  I caught a cold so I rested another day and took a sick day from work.  I haven't had any spotting since so I hope that all is going well.  They did bring me in to the doctor's for an ultrasound and the baby looks great.  Official due date is May 10th!

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