Thursday, September 1, 2011

How I pee'd on a stick

Here is the full story, for those who want to know all of these great, but way to personal, details:

I've wanted to start on baby #2 almost immediately after Anna was born.  I was thrilled about my new baby girl but I missed being pregnant.  Call me crazy.  And I had a vision of oodles of kids and I guess I was just plain impatient.

We didn't officially start trying until much later, after Anna turned one.  And it only took us two months.

I am pretty sure that I know exactly when I ovulated and conceived.  I took a test ten days later on a Thursday afternoon and it was a negative.  Then I bled a little the day after.  So I figured, Aunt Flow was in town.  Hence, my statement that I was definitely NOT PREGNANT.  I told Eric this, but he was convinced that it was too early to test and that I could still be pregnant.  I hate to admit that he was right...

By the way, I'm not very good at sensing that I am pregnant. For my first pregnancy, it was Eric who convinced me to take a pregnancy test just in case.

So anyway, I thought I had gotten my period, but then the very light bleeding stopped. 

(any men reading this have also now stopped) 

And I couldn't figure it out.  Meanwhile I was tired and felt like I had no motivation all weekend.  On Monday after work I decided I'd better take a test.  So I bought a 3-pack at the drug store after picking Anna up.  I went straight home and tried to pee on the stick.  But I had just gone an hour earlier!  So I thought that I missed the stick with what little I had and that the test wasn't going to work.  I even touched the end and it felt bone dry.  Disappointed that I would now have to wait until later that night until my bladder was full again, I put it aside and went through the daily routine of making dinner, eating dinner, and cleaning up dinner.  Eric went back out to do some things around the farm.

I went upstairs to give Anna a bath and out of the corner of my eye I saw the test sitting there.  It was upside down because I have this thing about not wanting to watch the magic of the test happen.  I picked it up and my jaw dropped.  It was a positive!  So I grabbed Anna and rushed outside and walked as fast as I could carrying an almost 20-pound baby over to Eric who was loading plastic into his skid steer.  I couldn't contain the smile on my face. 

Eric knew something was up and guessed it I think even before I could hold the test up.  "You're pregnant?" I laughed.  He gave me a big hug and the smile on his face was priceless!

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