Monday, November 5, 2012

50 Posts

Clara's baptism was November 4th.  She was sooo adorable in her little white dress that my mom bought for her.  Like a little doll.  The baptism was wonderful, and I really felt the support from our family for Clara's faith and life with God.  I attended Sunday school every Sunday while growing up, but the past five years have felt like coming home.  I love our little Lutheran church, and what it is coming to mean to our family.
Afterward, we had a little luncheon that I put a lot of thought into.  The food was all easy to prepare, but there are always a million and one small details that you have to remember (and feel bad about forgetting).  I was happy to use some of our farm-raised produce in the soups.  For the beef vegetable soup, stew meat from one of our steers, green beans, corn, carrots, onions from our garden; and for the potato soup, the potatoes and onions.  I ordered a cake and had some help with some fruit salads.  A vegetable and cheese tray, rolls, and a salad rounded out the soup.  We have a ton of leftovers!
After Church, I did some cleaning, but mostly played with my two very exhausted girls.  Did I mention that daylight savings time ended on Sunday?  I really appreciated the extra hour to get ready in the morning, but the girls woke up at normal time and were well past their noon or 1pm naptime.  But they were so tired that they couldn't close their eyes for more than half an hour, much to my dismay.  I was hoping to catch a little catnap.
Despite being extra tired, Clara happily sat playing with toys.  Yes, she sat.  For a long time... until she fell backward with a clunk.  I'll keep the boppy behind her just in case for another week or so until she's a little more steady. 
Such a simple accomplishment.  But so momentous for babies!

Another momentous occasion?  Over 50 posts on Ginny's Happy Family.

Clara, almost 6 months old.

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