Thursday, November 1, 2012


In preparation of Hallowen, we carved a giant pumpkin.  See previous post for an adorable picture of Clara in a pumpkin.  Here is Anna's pumpkin picture:

And Anna's pumpkin picture from last year.  Can you believe how much she's changed?  She's not facing the camera because she wasn't too thrilled about this idea.

Here are some more pictures of Clara's pumpkin adventure.

At first, we're loving it!

But then she gets tired and her legs give out...

Ugh, mom, this is hard work trying to stay up!

Annnnd, she gives up.  And bites the pumpkin.

Anna was a doctor/nurse.  She loves her doctor's kit and giving people check ups.  She's even got the "ga boom, ga boom" sound effects going when she checks your heart.

She was pretty excited about trick or treating, and actually understood the concept this year.

I watched in dismay as she devoured her candy. She's never really tried a Twix, Reese's, Snickers, or Milky Way. I would not win the mother of the year award for her balanced meals every day, but I do try hard to not let her consume candy, cookies, and pop on a regular basis (actually, no pop EVER).

So Anna's third Halloween ended in a sugar rush as she tried various different candies, including a dum dum sucker, twix, whoppers, and a very chewy snickers. 

Clara was a cow, and she tolerated the whole ordeal of being carted from house to house with good humor. 

Happy Halloween!

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