Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Swedish Christmas

I am a quarter Swedish and Eric is a lot Swedish and so we both enjoy the Swedish traditions.  My family has always made Glogg (hot spiced alcoholic beverage), served sill (pickled herring), decorated with dala horses, and probably miss-pronounced all sorts of Swedish words and phrases during the Christmas season.  I ordered two books from called Swedish Christmas Crafts and Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style.  I eagerly browsed the books and picked the easiest craft ideas to do, because I have to admit that I have wayyy more important things to do than craft.
In our front window I strung a festive ribbon and hung the word "Jul," from "God Jul," which means "Merry Christmas." 

I also arranged some heritage swedish ornaments in the window nearby.  I bought this "Julbok" at the Scandinavian Festival at our local college.

Our stockings are hung on the stairs with care.  A couple of simple bows and a couple of pine swags.

 Our newly purchased "children's tree" is even adorned with "Tomten," which we pronounce "Toompta," again probably incorrectly.

A live tree is a must-have in my opinion, despite the fact that I am allergic to evergreens.  I always decorate our tree fairly simply.  A silver glitter ribbon, silver beads, and red, silver, and bronze ornaments.  White lights.  At the end of the day, simple is usually equivalent to easy.

My favorite feature of our decorations this year, another craft idea from the Swedish craft books, are the little gingerbread hearts I've hung in most of our windows.  The hearts are made from foam paper, and hung with a red and white ribbon.  I hung them with suction cups.  Easy, cheap, and cute! 

We are all ready for Christmas.  Now if only it would snow!

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