Friday, August 26, 2011


Later tonight we have two wonderful couples coming over for dinner.  I am so looking forward to relaxing this Friday evening!  I will have to hustle and bustle a bit right when I get home and I'm not looking forward to Anna whining while I busily sweep, dust, and pick up before company arrives.  She always seems to be bent on disrupting my plans to clean the house.  Her naps are always too short and she'll only sit in front of the t.v. (I'm a bad mom and turn on Baby Einsteins) for so long.  Anyway, I'm sure that part, the part when I'm running around like a lunatic for the hour and a half I have between work and company, won't be that much fun but the rest of the evening should be! 

We are having roast beef sandwhichs, potatoes, green beans, salad, dessert, and wine.  Our one friend, Danielle, is pregnant and can't contribute to the wine-drinking, but I know that Sam and I can drink as I am definitely NOT PREGNANT as of this moment and I don't think she is either.  I don't drink much, anyway.  I'm a one-glass-of-wine kind of girl.  Sam's husband's name is Eric, which makes it somewhat confusing for us as my husband's name is Eric.  But somehow we don't get confused.  David (Danielle's hubby) and Eric and Eric go wayyy back to high school.  Sam and I went to college together and Danielle has become a great friend in the past few years since she married David.  I will post later this weekend, which happens to be very busy with family in town and my grandma's birthday party on Sunday.  I look forward to being so busy on weekends, but I also need to slow down at some point and catch up on some much need R&R. 

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