Monday, August 29, 2011

Picture of the Day

Anna loves to read.  I am very excited that she does because both Eric and I are readers.  I spent wayyy too much time as a teen just reading.  First I read a ton of science fiction/fantasy books.  Then I got hooked on romance novels.  I love living in a different world while reading books.  Anna will pretend to read books herself now, which is absolutely adorable.  Or she will bring every book in her collection to me to read to her OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  There has always been a part of me that cannot wait for when my kids are in school- the helping with homework while dinner is cooking, talking about what they learned and what they are curious about, and watching them learn about things that I don't even know/remember- this is a dream that I've had long before we even got married.  I knew I wanted to be a momma and that is the part of being a mother that most appeals to me.  The nourishing of a young mind...  and the connection to another little person and later, an adult, who is equal parts me and my husband.

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