Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mama and Bapa Knight's Farm

On Friday I dropped the girls off for work and when I returned "Bapa Knight" was combining, so we hopped in the combine for a little ride.  This was actually my first ride in the combine, but I recall many hours of riding with my grandfather or dad on tractors, usually while they spread manure over the fields.  I always enjoyed watching for wildlife, and the silence was never a bad thing.  In fact, there was always a comfort in the quiet nature of my dad and grandfather as they drove.
If you've never ridden on a combine before, here is a video so that you can have a first hand experience, too.
We were competing with rain that afternoon, so when my dad dropped us off, we ran back up the hill to the house.  I had fun taking Anna's picture as we ran up the hill.  In a few of them, I really think she looks like me when I was little and playing around the farm.  I'll have to dig some of those pictures out.

Do you like her bib overalls?

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