Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picking Pumpkins

Eric threw some seeds out in a compost pile, and pumpkins and squash grew wild.  We took the girls out to pick some pumpkins a few weeks before Halloween.
Anna looked at the pumpkins when I asked her to sit on one and said, "Cold I think."  She didn't really want to touch them because they just might get her hands dirty, but she did sit on one for a picture, anyway.

Baby Clara watched from her carseat.  At times she was not amused by being so bundled up.

Anna sat in the bucket of the tractor as Eric loaded pumpkins.  She especially liked the big ones, heavier and bigger around than her.

Eric did all of the heavy lifting, while we watched and took pictures.  :)

Anna got to ride on the tractor home. 
What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the fall!

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