Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clara's First Birthday!


Clara turned one on May 8th.  Thinking back to this day in 2012 and some momentous occasions throughout her first year, a few memories come to mind. 
I cried during delivery, something I didn't do when Anna was born because I was only vaguely aware of what was happening to me during my first delivery.  The emotions in general were much stronger with her, maybe because I felt like I'd had taken my mommy training wheels off and was learning how to cruise along in the newborn department. 

Holding Clara and cuddling with her alone during the two nights at the hospital were beautiful.  Trying to juggle two little ones that first summer, I remember Anna falling asleep on my feet as I was nursing Clara because she wanted some mommy cuddle time.  All of a sudden, time flashed and she learned how to scoot on her bottom to get places.  And she's still scooting today.
Clara's first birthday party was a lot of fun. We did a ladybug theme.  We invited 50 people to our house.  I was counting on being able to enjoy the outdoors, but it was 40 degree weather for most of May, so we were packed into our house.  Despite this, I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

I found really cute ladybug ideas on pinterest.  I made a ladybug cake.  It was a round cake with red frosting.  Purchased tube black frosting outlined the body of the ladybug, and mint candies made the spots.  For the eyes I pushed mini marshmallows into the frosting and put a dot of the black frosting on it.  I frosted cupcakes with green frosting and put little flower candies on them to dress them up.  We barely had enough cake and cupcakes to feed everyone, but it turned out really cute.

For favors I made oreo ladybugs.  I also found this idea on pinterest.  You dip oreos in melting chocolate.  First in the regular brown chocolate and apply the candy eyes while it is wet, then after it dries (hardens) you dip the sides into the red melting chocolate. 

I found that if you pop them in the fridge on a cookie sheet for a few minutes you can speed the process up.  After the red chocolate dried, I used toothpicks to put the dots on the bugs.  By the way, I'd had my gallbladder out the Monday prior to her birthday, so I was home to do all of the party prep.  And I had help from my mom!

My brother-in-law Travis had access to an inflatable bouncy house, so we had that running despite the cold weather.  The girls loved it!

Clara was pretty tired out by the time it was time to do the cake, so she didn't enjoy the process as much as I'd hoped.  She poked it a little and ate maybe a bite or two. 

She perked up when it came to the presents, but Anna probably had more fun opening presents than she did.  And Anna continues to have challenges sharing Clara's toys, but that is another story.

A big thank you to all of our family who came, helped, and shared with us little Clara Bug's first birthday!

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