Sunday, June 2, 2013

Planting the Garden

Our 2013 garden is our fifth garden.  This year seemed later than others due to the weather and general busy-ness.  Anna was a great helper this year!
Clara mostly watched, either from the little red wagon, or from a nice blanket at the edge.  I admit that I did more watching and picture taking than helping.  In fact, let's be honest.  Eric does everything with the garden.  I just watch and later, during harvest, I cook and preserve.
Anna helped to plant green beans this evening.  The sky kept threatening to storm, but it held off.
She's very hard at work!

Yes, watching is quite nice.
I love this picture of Anna holding a big old handful of bean seeds. 
And I love this farm girl t-shirt.  "Anything Boys Can Do I Can Do Better."
Just by observing daddy, she learned how to line the bean seeds up in a row.  And poke them into the ground.  We may have beans coming up in the spinach row...

Clara decides to venture off of the blanket to the garden edge.  Not too sure of the grass/dirt textures yet, but she'll get there!
When our two black barn kitties came to visit, Anna was overjoyed.
Bye, Bye, and Good Night Garden!

What a wonderful May evening!

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