Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coming Home

Our hospital no longer does newborn photos, so we attempted a few of our own.  This is the only one that turned out semi-decent.  This was taken on the day we left the hospital. 

Clara slept the whole way home.  We even stopped to pick up two half chicken dinners from a bbq truck across the street from our drug store (vicodin!!!).  She graciously allowed me to consume said chicken in leisure.  My mom still had Anna so the house was very (oddly) quiet.  Until later that afternoon!

This was taken a week after we came home.  I admit that I didn't take a lot of pictures that first week.  I was too busy changing aforementioned diapers and trying to keep up with Clara's frequent feedings.  I swear, the girl wanted to eat every hour!  Anna enjoys holding her, but for only a second.  "Ok, Ok, Ok," is her sign when she is done.  She also likes to exclaim, "Wiggly!"

We have two beautiful little girls, don't we?!!  :)

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