Monday, September 10, 2012

A Happy Mess

Here are some recent ways that my life is a happy mess:

1.  Baking with a 2 year old is MESSY.  I still have grated carrots on my kitchen floor from yesteday's carrot cake cupcake baking session.
2.  Pink Eye Can Happen to You!  Yes, I caught pink eye.  I have no idea from where, but the kiddos didn't get it!  I am luckily on the mend...
3.  Diaper Bag Messes.  I picked up my girls from my mother in law's house the other day.  She told me that she cleaned out the bottom of my diaper bag.  I was extremely grateful, but also slightly embarressed because I know how dirty it was.  Think broken cheerios, leaked milk, squished fruit snacks, and crushed crayons messy.  Thanks Mom!
4.  No Shoes?  I have lost Anna's gym shoes, which I'm not sure would even fit her right now.  She has been wearing sandles all summer, which are great because she can take them off and on herself.  This morning the temp dropped to 45 degrees, so she rocked the socks and sandles look.  I really need to get to the mall and get the poor girl some warm kicks!
5.  Mixed DVD's.  Anna knows how to open the tv stand and remove dvds from their cases.  She even sometimes successfully accomplishes loading said dvds into the dvd player.  Usually she calls me over to help her, but not before she has gotten into many of the dvd cases, moved the discs from case to case, and scratched a few up.  Life is a box of chocolates- or a dvd case in my house- you never know what you're going to get!
6.  P.J.'s every day.  More often than not, Clara goes to the sitter's with her pajamas on.  On a baby, who cares, right?  It cuts down on laundry for sure, and it's a lot less work in the morning to not have to pick an outfit out.  I spent what seems like hours dressing Anna in the cutest things.  Poor Clara! 

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