Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Food

I always think that the second child must get the short end of the stick.  Well, any child after the first.  You have more time and energy to do more for the first.
Let it be said that I am doing something special for Clara that I did not do for Anna.
I am going to make her babyfood. 
I'm not really sure why I thought it was so big of a job or daunting of a task when Anna was a baby.  Of course, I haven't attempted said job yet, so maybe it is going to be a lot of work.  But right now it seems like it's going to be easy.
Here's the plan.  I bought a kitchenaid mixer attachment which strains foods.  I've already used it a lot to make spaghetti sauce from my tomatoes.  Yummmm!
I am going to run large batches of veggies and fruits through it to make purees, and then freeze the puree in ice cube trays.  Each cube will be about 1 ounce of food.
We had a large abundance of carrots from our garden.  We actually do not happen to eat cooked carrots, and we couldn't possibly eat all of them raw (I did make some carrot cake).  So my goal was to use most of the carrots for baby food. 
Since Clara is still a month or two away from eating baby food, I decided to get the carrots into the freezer for now.  I can later pull them out and heat, run through my nifty kitchenaid machine, and voila! baby food to freeze! 
I washed and peeled carrots for 2 hours.  Yeah, that wasn't so much fun.
I cut the carrots into slices and blanched for 5-6 minutes.  I eventually figured out that dumping the entire pot of carrots into a strainer, and then putting the strainer right into cold water allows you to avoid having to scoop carrots out of the boiling water and into the cold water and then scooping them out again.  Ideally, I should get a large strainer that can go in my pot so that I don't have to discard the boiling water each time I blanch. 

I got over 20 quarts of carrots.  I am hoping it makes a decent batch or two of baby food.  I feel good about saving some money and hopefully having excellent nutrition for my little peanut.  She had better like carrots!


  1. I made all Aubrey's baby food. None of it was really any work. I basically just took frozen vegetables cooked it up and ran them through the food processor as we were eating. As she got older (8-9 months) and could eat a few more things I would literally just throw whatever we were having for dinner in the food processor. Chicken with vegetables, spaghetti, everything. It saved a ton of money!

  2. What kind of food processor do you have? The kitchenaid attachment will be great for very large batches, but it might be nice to have something like the baby bullet. I have a hand crank food mill, but it doesn't do a great job and it was messy.