Monday, September 3, 2012

A Corn Binder

If you don't know my husband, he's an old fashioned kind of guy.  He likes old wooden clogs from Sweden, hangs original framed paintings of his ancestors on our walls, and sometimes pulls out his great-grandfather's pipe just to have it between his teeth (not to smoke). He also has two great big Belgian draft horses named Jerry and Digger that he occasionally uses for field work.

The dog, Sadie, likes to make sure everyone is behaving.  She sat in front of Jerry and Digger just in case they decided to take off.

These boys are gentle giants.  I feel fairly comfortable letting Anna be around them.  You can never be too careful, though.  One kick could knock you out.

After Eric's first pass at our two rows of corn in our garden, he had to pause to figure out why it wasn't tying the bundles of corn.  The corn runs through the binder and at intervals it is supposed to make a bundle and tie a string around it.  It was bundling, but wasn't releasing any string.  Anna watched her dad work, but was eventually impatient for a ride.

So Eric took Anna for a little ride and did the last row.  We now have several bundles of corn, which he leaned up into 3 "shocks" of corn stalks.
Afterward, we relaxed in the barn.  Anna and Daddy had their drinks of choice- pepsi and milk.  Anna says, "cheers, Daddy."


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