Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost 4 Months Old

The past 4 months have really flown by.  I feel like I've been back to work for forever, but when I think about how much has happened this year I realize how quickly time escapes.  Children grow too quickly.  Speaking of time flying, my poor mom made me burst into tears this past weekend.  All she asked was if I would be sending Anna to pre-school next year:  at 3 years old.  I had no idea they could go to pre-school so young!  And even if we didn't send her that young, the fact that she could go at 4, which once seemed far away, now seems right around the corner.  I literally had tears running down my face immediately. 

On a happier note, Clara has found her voice.  She is such a little talker.  I tried taking a video but it really doesn't compare to a live rendition.  Anyway, here is a 2.5 minute video of her "talking."
She's getting stronger every day.  I was amazed at how well she could hold herself up while on her tummy. 
Pretty soon she will be rampaging through a long list of firsts- first tooth, first foods, first crawl, and first steps.  Oh first year, slow down!

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  1. Oh Clara! What a cutie! My mom and I were just talking about preschool for Aubrey next year the other day. It's crazy to think how quickly they go from babies to people!