Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Of Life and Death...

This morning Eric brought 3 roosters to the Amish for slaughter.  We bought 12 baby chicks in March to raise up for eggs.  The chicks were supposed to be sorted for sex (all females) but we ended up with 4 roosters out of the bunch.  We really just want eggs, but the roosters will make good meat.  We are keeping one of them just for kicks and to hear the early morning "cock-a-doodle-doo!" that we've gotten used to.

Eric brought one of the roosters over for Anna to pet while we were loading the car for work in the morning.  She pet him and was pretty excited to see him up close.  She played with the baby chicks when they were little, but this big guy looks nothing like the fuzzy baby he started out to be.  She really enjoys listening to them crow in the morning and early afternoon (yes, I never knew that they were so vocal in the afternoon as well as the break of dawn). 

She had no idea that this guy was on his way to be slaughtered.  Even if she did know, she will be raised face to face with the cycle of life on the farm.  Calves are born, baby bulls are sent to the auction barn within a few days, and older mother cows who aren't productive anymore are sent for meat.  I've grown up knowing how all of this works, and you learn to not get attached.  Such is the life on a farm!

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