Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Girls

Girls are so much fun!

I enjoy saying, "how are my girls?" when I pick them up after a day of work.  I enjoy dresses, and pink and purple, and I'm really looking forward to doing girly things like prom dress shopping and make-overs.

I think they look a lot alike, with some minor differences.  Clara's eyes are still gray, whereas Anna's eyes turned deep brown within a month or two of birth (like her daddy's).  I don't think that Clara's will be bright blue, but they may be gray, or green, or hazel, or even brown eventually.

Clara always sleeps with her hands clasped by her face.  I love this picture because she looks like she is praying.

Since I've returned to work I feel like I hardly ever get to cuddle with my girls anymore.  It makes the time we have together very precious.  Clara fell asleep leaning against me.

She loves the cow-shaped mirror that hangs over her play mat and really seems interested in watching herself kick.  She's actually quite content to lay there by herself for a long time.

Anna says "cheese!"

Smiley girl!  I swear, all you have to do is look at her and she'll smile back at you.  She loves interaction!

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