Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet Corn

Last year we bought our corn from a local farmer, but this year we planted two rows out in our garden.  Eric says that the corn required the least amount of work on his part to grow.  He took one drive through with the corn planter and the plants grow so fast that they quickly shade out any weeds. 

So into my freezer goes many dozens of ears of corn.  I had intentions of keeping track of how many dozen ears, but it gets too difficult to remember as you're juggling blanching, cooling, cutting, and packing.  Plus mommy duties.  I figure I've got about 40+ half-quarts frozen and 15 pint-sized jars of corn.  I think we're set for the year.

I think I husked corn for a year...

I used this large pot to blanch the corn for 5-6 minutes.  Later I switched to a smaller pot, as I figured out that I can't quite reach the corn that sinks to the bottom with my tongs.  After getting my fingers in the hot boiling water several times I figured many more blanching sessions was worth saving my hands.

I discovered that this was the easiest set-up:  one side of the sink I cleaned really well and filled with cold water.  In the other bay I put a large bowl to cut the corn into.  My stove is directly across from the sink (open the oven door and you almost hit the sink counter), so it was very easy to throw the ears from hot water to cold.

I placed a regular bowl in the bottom of the larger bowl to set the ear of corn on.

I used an electric knife.  I found that this really made the job quicker and easier and a little more fun.  I've hardly used my electric knife.  Maybe annually to cut a ham or turkey.  So I felt like I was getting some value out of it.

Repeat many times.  The blanching time allows you to work in between on cutting or packing.  Or keep an eye on the kids.  I really really wish I had that open concept house where I can see the girls at all times.  Instead, I run from kitchen to living room every 5 minutes.  (I have this fear that Anna is going to drop a toy on Clara's head one day soon). 

I mostly froze our corn, because I think it turns out well that way.  I did give canning it a try, but we haven't tasted it yet so I can't say whether I'll do it again next year. 


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