Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweet Pictures

I am reminded of how much occurs in the course of one year when children are small.  Last summer Anna was not quite walking.  She waited until 14 months to really get going, so a good portion of the summer she was immobile outdoors.  She spent time sitting outside but she wasn't a big fan of crawling in the grass.

These pictures were taken by a semi-professional photographer in May, just before Anna's first birthday.  I love them because they were taken on our farm.

Loves kitties!  She is holding onto one of Eric's old horsedrawn implements.

Holding onto the barn for balance.

One of me holding her in the barn.

And one of Eric holding her.

She had the cutest headband on that brought out the yellow flowers on her dress, but that quickly came off.  Here she is sitting near the peonies, which have been growing in our yard for years.  Someday I will post pictures of our gladiolas, which were planted by Eric's grandmother and remind me of her every July when they bloom.

One of our few family portraits.  Now we will need to get another family picture taken with Clara.

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