Monday, August 6, 2012

County Fair!

This was Clara's first fair.  I of course couldn't resist buying two cow outfits online at at least 6 months ago, with the intention of dressing the girls up in them for the Fair.  Anna's was a cute black and white checkered dress with a cow face on the front and two cow-print bows on the shoulders.  Clara's was actually a boy's outfit that came with a green shirt.  I ordered the outfit before she was confirmed to be another girl.  I just swapped out the green shirt for a pink onesie, some pink frilly socks, and a pink headband. 

Not shown anywhere in the pictures are her really cute shoes.  They look like a cow, complete with a little cow tail hanging off of the back.  They say "moo" on the bottom of each foot.  Anna wore them for her first fair.  This is Anna at her first fair in 2010.  We spent all week there because I was still on maternity leave.

I haven't missed the Fair since I started showing dairy cows in 1999.  Now I am just a spectator at the cow shows, but I've spent quite a few years participating.  I expect that the girls will want to show cows when they are old enough. 

Saturday's Black and White Holstein show is always a big deal, so I brought both girls up for the day.  Showing cows is a competitive sport, believe it or not.  Eric's family still shows their registered Holsteins each year, and my youngest sister, Emily, brought a cow in to show for her last year in the youth show (up to age 21).  We were happy that she won Best Bred and Owned of the Holstein Youth Show.  During the show, I took the girls for strolls through the sheep and pig barns.

Anna really loves sheep.

She wanted to pet this one so bad!

Clara, 2.5 months old, slept a lot, and was pretty good the whole day.  I had to take her back to the car just once to nurse her and change diapers.  Otherwise she was either asleep or awake and looking around at all of the sights and sounds.

Anna had fun watching the cows in the show ring and being with her family.

But as the day wore on, Anna got really tired.  She was a little grumpy by the end of the show.  By 3pm, she fell asleep in the stroller, and slept the whole way home.

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