Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anna's First Sleepover

Anna had her first sleepover this past weekend.  Her cousin, Abby, came to spend the night.  Abby, who is 4, wanted to spend the night at our house before she started pre-school this week.  So on Friday night Abby arrived at dinner time.  The girls had a blast playing before bedtime and taking a bath together.  Anna mimics everything her older cousin does, which is pretty cute.  At bedtime, they settled down in Anna's twin-sized bed.  Abby had to get up once to use the potty and to get a drink of water, but once they fell asleep they slept well.  Until Abby woke up at 5:30am when the rooster started crowing.  She isn't used to the farm sounds like we are, and once up, neither one could settle back to sleep.

They watched cartoons at the crack of dawn and shared peanut-butter cheerios.  Once they shook off their drowsiness, they played hard all morning.  Lots of giggles.  It was a lot of fun and I feel like this was one of those "first" occasions to remember.

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